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Permanent Exterior House Paint Contractors in Chicago

Imagine Not Having to Paint
Your Home Again for Over 25 Years!
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A Multi-Layered
House Paint of Total Protection
Rhino Shield Exterior House Paint is a durable, flexible, and low maintenance ceramic coating paint product.  Simply put, it looks richer than paint and goes on like paint but lasts like Vinyl.  It lasts so long that Rhino Shield guarantees the product for 25 years!  Using a combination of elastomeric resins and ceramic microspheres our advanced paint waterproofs, insulates, and soundproofs your home.  This thick, rubber-like membrane actually becomes part of the substrate through excellent adhesion and bonding. Multiple additives provide fire resistance, UV blockers, mildewcides, algeacides, and other proprietary agents complete the protection.


Permanent Exterior House Paint for Cedar, Vinyl, Brick…Virtually Any Surface!


We are your locally owned permanent exterior house paint contractors and preservation specialists.  Whether your home is sided with cedar, clapboard, aluminum, vinyl, brick, hardy board or stucco our team is ready to apply the last exterior paint job your home will ever need!


Financing is Available. Call for Details 888-744-6664.