Acrylic Clear Coat


rhinoshieldga_com-clearcoatRhino Shield of Chicagoland is proud to offer our durable Acrylic Clear Coat. It provides excellent year round protection and is ideal for log homes, cedar shakes, decks, rails or any other stained wood surface. It also creates a durable glossy layer of protection on metal.

In addition to crystal clear, our acrylic clear coat can be lightly tinted to further enhance the natural beauty of your wood grain.

Want to protect and beautify natural brick or stone without covering it with traditional Rhino Shield? Acrylic Clear Coat may be the answer.


Benefits of Acrylic Clear Coat:

1. Available in clear and a wide range of semi-transparent colors
2. Creates a moisture barrier
3. Long lasting! You should get 5 to 8 years of life vs. other stains.