Best Exterior Paint in Chicagoland

Why is Rhino Shield the Best Exterior Paint for Your Chicagoland Home Exterior?

Rhino Shield is the best exterior paint for your home, and it’s available in the Greater Chicago area exclusively through Rhino Shield of Chicagoland Exterior Painting Contractors.


What makes it better than traditional exterior paint?

  • Low Percentage of Water.  Rhino Shield is 21% water, compared to traditional house paint which is 60% water! 
  • Resins & Urethane.  Proprietary Elastomeric Resins, which give it its incredible bonding and long-lasting properties. 
  • No Useless Fillers.  Traditional paint  contains useless fillers to save money.
  • Ceramic Microspheres & Proprietary Ingredient Mix

Rhino Shield is engineered to outlast paint and formulated to outlast the elements. Comprised of compact, variable-sized ceramic microspheres, the benefits are unmatched.  Rhino Shield will beautify and protect every surface it is applied to, making it the superior alternative to conventional exterior paint and painting methods.  Our innovative technology combines elastomeric acrylic resin with urethane resin, resulting in an elastic film that expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures while also providing excellent impact and chemical resistance. It exceeds all relevant industry standards, making RS the best choice for use in any situation. 

The Finest Paint Coatings for All Home Exterior Surfaces

Whatever the substrate of your home’s exterior, the Rhino Shield process will completely bond, seal and protect it.  With proper preparation and installation by the Rhino Shield of Chicagoland team, it becomes a:

  • Sealant Coating for Wood and Cedar Siding
  • Foremost Stucco Repair and Paint Coating
  • Prime Paint for Brick Exteriors with Endless Color Choices
  • Supreme Coating for Bonding and Sealing Aluminum Exteriors
  • Top Masonite Paint 
  • Unrivaled Protection and Rich Appearance over Vinyl Siding


The Premier Choice vs Traditional House Paint, an Investment in Your Best Asset… Your Home

rhino shield vs traditional paint investment



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Better ingredients = better paint = a no maintenance exterior for your home, and that equates to the Best Exterior Paint in Chicago! It’s simple to see why Rhino Shield is clearly the best exterior paint coating option for you.


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Do It Right The First Time and Never Paint Your Home or Office Exterior Again!

Rhino Shield saves you money and time, proving to be a long-lasting, high-return investment in your home!  Break the exterior painting cycle for good by choosing the premiere exterior paint in Chicagoland.  Call Rhino Shield of Chicagoland today!

Break the Paint Cycle of Your Exterior

The exterior of your home should be repainted every 3-5 years depending upon the type of exterior substrate you have. If you have Masonite/LP siding, it needs to be repainted every 3 years to avoid problems. The challenge most homeowners face is struggling through the seemingly endless cycle of paint, crack, peel, repaint, crack, peel, repaint every 3-5 years. This wastes your time and money, is bad for the environment and is exactly the problem that Rhino Shield was developed to address once and for all. Yes, it costs less to paint your home one time than it does to install our Rhino Shield coating. However, over time Rhino Shield is far more cost effective AND your house looks great forever, not just the first year. All of our crews are qualified and prepared to do virtually any type of exterior repair, which saves you from tracking down a handyman or remodeler to effect repairs before your house can be re-coated. One thing to remember is that we’re a full-service exterior firm, so we also can apply a protective coating to your pergolas, fences, and decks.

By choosing Rhino Shield, you’re getting the finest exterior paint on the market and breaking the endless paint cycle!  Call us for a free estimate.