Elastomeric Exterior Paint Coatings from Rhino Shield



Rhino Shield’s Exterior Elastomeric Coatings are long-lasting, flexible, and result in a no-maintenance ceramic house paint.  It’s a 100% acrylic waterborne formula that insulates, resists water and soundproofs.  Our advanced technology combines urethane resins and elastomeric acrylic resins, leading to a surface that is flexible but tough.  This thick, rubber-like membrane becomes part of the substrate through bonding and outstanding adhesion.

Rhino Shield  offers superior mold and mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV radiation reflectivity.  This insulating, industrial, care-free coating is long-lasting.  It includes an incredible 25 year warranty!


Rhino Shield Characteristics

  • UV Protection Low “E” coating – Keeps your home cooler
  • Better Resists Fading – Looks new even after 20 years
  • Natural Look – A beautiful finish
  • Infinite Number of Colors – We can color match ANY color
  • Permanent – Never paint again
  • Flexible, Will Not Break or Chip – Protects your home from the harshest weather
  • Group ‘A’ Fire Rating – The highest rating possible
  • Vapor Permeable– Allows your home to breathe
  • Bonds Totally, Will Not Flake – Permanent. Period!
  • Water Resistant – Even wet Chicago weather stays outside
  • Environmentally Safe – Go green
  • Frequently Lowers Utility Bills – Increases the energy efficiency of your home.

Our 25 Year Transferable Warranty is one of the Best in the Industry

Sell your home with confidence with a 25 Year Transferable Warranty with Rhino Shield. This warranty guarantees quality and longevity of the Rhino Shield product. 

Professional Exterior Home Installation throughout Chicagoland

All site work is performed by our professional installers. We begin with a thorough inspection and follow it with detailed, methodical preparation. As part of the inspection procedure, we identify damaged areas and perform needed repairs. You will be impressed with our timely and courteous service from our initial meeting to the application of the finish coats and our post-job cleanup.

A Great Home Exterior Investment

Rhino Shield is a wise investment for your residence. Rhino Shield’s flexible, permanent coating eliminates annual touch up costs as well as costly repainting every 5 years. Combine this with potential energy savings and it is clear that Rhino Shield is a superb value for your money.

The Obvious Choice!

Beautify your house with a permanent, proven, painting solution that is safe for the environment and resists fading. Rhino Shield carries a 25-Year Guarantee and helps prevent expensive exterior maintenance by getting rid of the need to repaint every few years.