What Exactly is Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is a proprietary, high build, flexible urethane based coating system that utilizes ceramic micro-spheres to deliver a long-lasting exterior coating that is second to nothing on the market. Once applied, Rhino Shield’s low-e surface seals out the elements, insulates the substrate, and protects against harmful UVA from the sun.

On What Types of Surfaces Can Rhino Shield be Used?

Just one of the many advantages of Rhino Shield is its versatility. Rhino Shield will provide a beautiful, maintenance free finish on all of these common siding materials:





Cedar Shake

Hardie Plank

Historic Clapboard

Rough Cut Cedar Lapsiding 

Log Cabin

LP Siding



Stucco and Tudor




Don’t see your siding? Just give us a call and we’ll let you know if Rhino Shield is the right finish for your home or building.

Is Rhino Shield Environmentally Safe?

Rhino Shield is safe for the environment and is classified as “green” because it greatly reduces the pollution footprint as compared to ordinary latex and oil based coatings. It is non-toxic, low odor, and safe when contacted by skin.


What Type of Testing has Rhino Shield Undergone?

Rhino Shield’s family of ceramic coating systems were built from the ground up through the combination of coatings research and independent ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) testing. Well regarded test laboratories such as UL, BASF, Atlas Labs and more have verified and quantified the high performance qualities of Rhino Shield.


Will Rhino Shield of Chicagoland remove lead-based paint from my home? Are your installers certified to remove lead-based paints from my home?

Yes, our crews are EPA certified and trained in the proper remediation of lead paint. We can safely and efficiently remediate your home while protecting your home’s interior, your yard, and your family.


What is Rhino Shield’s Fire Resistance Rating?

Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating has been awarded a Class ‘A’ fire and smoke rating. The added safety of this means that in portions of the country prone to wildfires, homes with a Class ‘A’ fire rating may qualify for a discount on their homeowners insurance.


I have a historic home I would like to protect. Can I use Rhino Shield?

Absolutely! Because of our reputation in the industry, we are often contacted by historical preservation societies to renovate and protect famous historical homes or buildings. Take a look at our historical gallery for examples.

One of our passions is working on historical buildings no matter what the substrate. Wood, stucco, brick, Prairie Style, 4-Squares and Victorians all look better and last longer with Rhino Shield!


How long has Rhino Shield been servicing Chicagoland?

Rhino Shield has been preserving exteriors, both residential and commercial, throughout Illinois since 2004.


How much does Rhino Shield cost?

The cost of installing Rhino Shield varies based upon the condition of the existing surface, the amount of prep work needed, and of course, the size of the project. We will be happy to visit your home and provide an estimate absolutely free. Please use our Free Estimate form to schedule an appointment. It usually takes us about 30 minutes to inspect your home and provide an estimate.

You can also call us at 1.888.744.6664 to schedule an appointment.


Can Rhino Shield Save Me Money?

Rhino Shield is a smart investment for your home. Rhino Shield is durable and flexible, minimizing maintenance and eliminating the need for repainting every few years. In addition, Rhino Shield saves money on energy costs. Rhino Shield provides a low-e product that reduces thermal conductivity to help insulate your home or business to save on energy bills.


Can I purchase Rhino Shield directly and apply myself or use my local paint contractor?

As detailed elsewhere on our website, the installation of Rhino Shield is a multi-step process that only our certified and trained staff is licensed to do in our service area. Our coating specialists have received extensive expert training on how to prepare a building for Rhino Shield and also how to apply the product correctly. While the product itself is excellent, we would not be able to offer such an extensive installation warranty without the efforts of our highly trained team of installers.