Why? Brick is a surface that was not normally intended to be painted. A brick surface is frequently riddled with defects and the bricks and surrounding mortar are distinctly different materials in how they react to being painted.

But if your brick is tired and worn, a fresh coat of paint will makeyour house look a lot cleaner and newer.

Brick and Mortar

Both brick and mortar are porous and if the wall is more than a few years old, there may be portions of both that have begun to deteriorate and become even more porous. As brick ages, it gets a salt buildup on the surface. As mortar ages, its pH may change and make it harder for paint to adhere properly. The home may require an acid wash first to remove these problems. It takes a true professional painting contractor to masterfully cover brick and we’ll be able to ascertain exactly what pre-paint preparation may be required on your home when we visit with you during our free estimate.

Without a good primer to seal their surfaces, both will absorb paint like a sponge, causing an uneven, blotchy appearance. This ability to absorb also means that brick absorbs a fair amount of moisture. It is important to be certainthat your home’s brick is completely dry before painting.

Is Brick the Most Challenging Exterior Surface to PaintAt Rhino Shield we know that brick can be fickle so we always make sure we put down a primer vapor barrier coating before applying the final durable ceramic color coat.

Permanent Bliss

And that brings us to one final challenge that comes with painting brick. Once paint is applied, it’s almost impossible to reverse the process and have your brick look good again.

This is especially true with Rhino Shield! Your chosen color palette will keep your home looking new for 25 years or longer so you’ll want to give plenty of thought to the colors you choose!.