Metal Roof Coating


Does your metal roof look tired and faded?

Is your metal roof stained with rust, but structurally still in good condition?

Well, now there is an alternative to the hassle and expense of replacing your metal roof.

Introducing our new SuperShield!

SuperShield is a great alternative to re-roofing, and is frequently thousands of dollars cheaper. Whether you have a pitched roof, flat roof or an existing roof that is prone to leaking we have a formula that will not only make your roof look like new but also perform better!

SuperShield incorporates a ceramic technology similar to traditional Rhino Shield to give your roof a durable, new look while adding layers of leak protection.

Because the ceramics in Super Shield insulate so well our roof coatings are US Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Star designated. This means the coatings can help keep your roof cooler and save on air conditioning costs.

Depending upon the level of rust on your roof we can use one of two technologies to arrest the rust before applying Super Shield. If your roof has just minor rust we can use our high performance Rust Primer. If your roof has more significant rust our Rust Bond solution will be used. Either way your roof will get the proper surface preparation to ensure the adhesion of Super Shield.

Want to change the color of your roof? No worries! We can incorporate Cool Color pigment technology. Cool Color pigments reflect heat better than standard pigments (even when you choose a dark color)! Super Shield with Cool Color pigments have been shown to lower the surface temperature of roofs by as much as 25 degrees!

Call Rhino Shield of Chicagoland today to learn more about our roof coating systems or request a free estimate!