Check out this amazing home’s exterior with Rhino Shield’s long lasting paint in Chicago, IL. 

Gail Bohling writes, “We wanted to increase the curb appeal of our home. It is a combination of 2 types of brick, accent stone and siding. All of which blends together. We contracted Rhino Shield to paint the roman brick of the first floor, concrete molding on both sides of the door and bay window, the bay window sill and the exterior doors.The work went very well. The area was prepped. everything was taped off and protected. It looks great. It has really changed the look of the house.”

No matter what substrate you have on the exterior of your home, Rhino Shield will cover, bond, insulate and protect for many years to come. Call us today at (888) 744 6664 for a free estimate!

Rhino Shield can bond and protect any exterior substrate!