Durable Two Part Water-Based Epoxy System

Rhinopoxy brings the legendary durability of Rhino Shield to surfaces where you want a tough, easily cleaned epoxy surface.

Rhinopoxy is recommended for use on most any horizontal or vertical surfaces that will experience harsh conditions. These include but are not limited to: warehouse floors, car washes, driving surfaces, hospitals, shower stalls and high traffic hallways.

If you can think of an application where a tough, easily cleaned, chemical and solvent resistant coating is needed, Rhinopoxy is your coating of choice. The only limitations to Rhinopoxy are your imagination!

Note: Rhinopoxy should not be used in applications where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Rhinopoxy Benefits

• Stands up to high traffic
• Seals out water
• Maintains its beauty even after thousands of cleanings
• Beautiful gloss finish, endless color options, durable
• Easy to apply
• Withstands vehicle traffic