Rust Remediation


rhinoshieldga_com-rhinorustbondRhino Rust Bond penetrates existing rust, creating a reinforced surface that is stronger than the original.

Rust Bond is an excellent choice in situations where blasting or extensive surface prep or restoration prior to coating is not possible, practical or economically justifiable. A two part epoxy, Rust Bond provides exceptional adhesion to heavily corroded, aged and rusted substrates.
The end result is a sealed, strengthened and unified surface that is ready to accept paint or Rhino Shield permanent coating. Rhino Rust Bond requires top-coating and is not intended to be used as a stand alone product.

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• Steel Wall / Beams
• Metal Poles
• Tanks
• Containers
• Rail Cars
• Bridges
• Metal Pipes
• Metal Roofs
• Parking Garages
• Wrought Iron


• Great Adhesion
• Encapsulates Rust
• Water Based Formula
• Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic
• Cost Effective
• Great Alternative to Sand Blasting