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Welcome to Rhino Shield of Chicagoland, the exclusive dealer for Rhino Shield Exterior Paint Coatings in Naperville. With over 30 years of innovation, Rhino Shield has been developing extraordinary exterior coatings that are manufactured right here in the United States. Discover more about our exceptional products at

25 Year Warranty Rhino Shield

Only House Painters in Naperville with an Incredible 25 Year Warranty

Rhino Shield stands out with its incredible 25-year warranty, underscoring our confidence in the durability and quality of our coatings. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and long-lasting beauty on our warranty page.

Incredible Exterior Paint Coatings for Every Naperville Home

Rhino Shield is not just any paint; it’s an advanced elastomeric-ceramic coating designed to last longer than traditional paint. It’s perfect for protecting and beautifying your home, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. Explore our range of exterior paint coatings or request an estimate today.

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Rhino Shield is Perfect for Any Naperville Exterior Surface

From metal to brick, and stucco to wood, Rhino Shield provides superior protection for every type of exterior surface. Learn how Rhino Shield can enhance and protect your home’s exterior by visiting our pages on Metal, Brick, and Stucco.

Exterior Painting For Brick Home

Living in Naperville: Homes and Exteriors

Naperville, known for its vibrant history and beautiful homes, presents unique challenges and opportunities for homeowners. The city’s diverse architecture and the harsh Midwest weather demand a paint solution that can withstand the elements. Rhino Shield’s durable coating is designed to protect your home against UV rays, moisture, and temperature changes, making it an ideal choice for Naperville’s homes.

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At Rhino Shield of Chicagoland, we’re proud to serve the Naperville community with our premium exterior coatings. Our products are designed to beautify your home while providing long-lasting protection. Watch our videos and read our blog to learn more, or call us at (630) 984-4440 to request an estimate.

Finished wood sections look like they will last for a long time. Power wash technician cleaned our front walk as a bonus.

We were most impressed with the manner in which they sealed up the bottom of the two window overhang sections we have, and the additional cost for this was very reasonable. We highly recommend Rhino Shield at this time.

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