Aluminum Siding  – What You Need to Know in Illinois

Many older homes have aluminum siding – a simpler alternative to exteriors than wood because it won’t rot, swell or have moisture problems. Aluminum stands up to salt and doesn’t rust, making it a popular choice for building exteriors. Heavy-gauge aluminum siding can easily give you 30 years of excellent performance. However, after 4 or 5 years, it may become an eye sore if it’s not painted or coated properly.

Aluminum siding is a great choice for most Illinois homes and buildings, and has been popular since the early 1900s.  It has great exterior properties. Aluminum won’t rot like wood exteriors, doesn’t give in to high winds, and when properly built, is good at insulation. It’s also fire and termite proof.


So what’s the problem with aluminum siding?

One inherent issue with aluminum siding is that the finish quickly takes on a chalky appearance when exposed to sun, rain, and the elements. Patches of bare aluminum metal eventually begin to show through. It’s not a good look.

At the point that wear and tear becomes visible, many Chicago homeowners and building owners think that they will have to replace aluminum siding, or enter the 5 year painting cycle, to make their house look great again.

Paint or Replace  Aluminum Siding?

So you’ve got the dreaded tired Aluminum Siding look. Is it better to paint or replace with something new?

It’s common knowledge that you can paint wood and masonite, but a lot of homeowners assume faded or discolored aluminum needs to be scrapped when it’s just not the case.

When prepared correctly, aluminum siding actually takes paint very well.  In fact, paint coatings often adhere to metal better than to vinyl. Since aluminum doesn’t shrink and swell like wood, you don’t have to worry about paint peeling off the way it would on wood shingles.

The only reason to get rid of faded aluminum is if the siding is badly damaged or punctured. Damaged siding should always be repaired or replaced before painting.

Aluminum Exterior Siding HomeThe main reason that many homeowners opt for painting aluminum, instead of replacing it with new aluminum or vinyl, is cost savings. According to HomeAdvisor (2017), installing vinyl siding can cost you anywhere from $10,000–$20,000, especially if you want a premium siding that is easier to maintain.  Painting aluminum siding can save you quite a bit of money, and help you get the new look you want for your home

Another reason to keep high-quality aluminum siding is that it’s great for energy efficiency. With the UV-resistant coatings in Rhino Shield, you can take your energy savings of aluminum even further.  To get the same results from vinyl, you would need to choose an expensive, insulated, premium siding.

Unless you live in an area where hail damage has caused noticeable problems with your metal siding, there’s little reason to replace high-quality aluminum siding. Give your home the best protection with Rhino Shield and enjoy vibrant color for decades.

Paint Options for  Aluminum Exteriors

You can paint aluminum exteriors with a variety of coating options.  The most important considerations when choosing paints or paint coatings are:

  • How Superior is the Bond to the Substrate?
  • How Fade Resistant is the Paint?
  • How Weather Resistant is the Coating?

With Rhino Shield, you get the best of all 3 of these.  Superior Bonding, Incredible UV Resistance to Prevent Fading, and Incredible Weather Resistant Properties.

Color Choices  for Aluminum Siding Chicago Exteriors

Color_WheelVinyl siding is different than other exterior siding, because while you can paint it virtually any color, certain dark colors may cause it to warp.   With aluminum siding, the color choices are endless because Rhino Shield coating does not warp over time!

Whether you’re looking at a bolder color to spice up the exterior of your house, or sticking to standard home colors, there are a few things to consider prior to painting your aluminum siding.

Consider the look of your neighborhood overall.  Your Rhino Shield of Illinois Representative will help you sort through the virtually endless realm of color choices while considering already being used in your neighborhood and what most appeals to you.  You’ll also want to consider which colors compliment that architecture and exterior layout of your house.

The size of your home can affect your color choice as well.  Hue, tint, and tone can play a role in making your home look larger or smaller, depending on your needs.  There will be all sorts of visual cues that the exterior of your house will intuitively give off.  Go with your instincts and don’t be afraid to go for what you want in an aluminum siding paint color!

In the past, people primarily used paint to blend their aluminum siding in with the rest of the house and its exterior features. They would often simply match up the colors with what would go best with the brick, windows, trims and doors.  But nowadays, aluminum siding paint is used as a feature to help your home stand out.  Colors are more pronounced and powerful, and people aren’t afraid to be bolder with their home exteriors!  Which is actually really exciting.

The Advantages of Rhino Shield for Painting Aluminum Siding

Ordinary exterior paint is vulnerable to fading and peeling, and aluminum on it’s own doesn’t offer anything to prevent that. That’s why homeowners typically need to repaint four or five during the lifetime of aluminum siding. With Rhino Shield ceramic paint coating, on the other hand, the benefits are permanent:

Amazing appearance:

Forget about cracked or peeling paint. Our revolutionary coating is strong and flexible, so it doesn’t flake or peel. Rhino Shield looks just as fantastic after decades as it did on day one.

Vibrant colors:

With exceptional UV resistance and the power of ceramic microspheres, Rhino Shield exterior coating delivers beautiful colors that don’t fade over time. Whether you’re looking for a tropical blue or a relaxing turquoise, you can be sure your choice will look just as amazing decades down the line.

Complete salt resistance:

One of the biggest advantages of Rhino Shield for coastal homes is its phenomenal salt resistance. It has the highest salt tolerance rating on the market.

Effortless maintenance:

Our team knows how to paint aluminum siding for the best results, providing great durability.  Rhino Shield is a breeze to maintain after application, and you never have to worry about repainting.

Reduced energy consumption:

Our ceramic topcoat is a Low-E thermoplastic product, meaning it helps to insulate buildings. During the summer, it keeps the sun’s rays out and cool air in. During winter, the opposite happens. If green living is important to you, Rhino Shield is a great choice.

Aluminum Siding Home In Chicago With Rhino ShieldRhino Shield exterior ceramic paint coating completely bonds to and seals aluminum siding exterior buildings.

Other paint products tend to chip and peel in 3-5 years of harsh sun and weather. Rhino Shield offers a long-lasting exterior paint coating for your aluminum siding exteriors, and in the color of your choice!

The Rhino Shield Team: Experts in Painting Aluminum Siding

To get the best results, you need professionals who know exactly how to paint aluminum siding.  Proper cleaning, surface preparation, and adhesion are vital in preventing peeling.  When you contact our Rhino Shield team, you’re not just getting a state-of-the-art paint coating, you get experts at painting aluminum.

We provide work of the highest quality, taking our time to make sure every surface is perfect.  That’s why we have such a great reputation and so many thrilled clients.  We guarantee both our work and the lifetime performance of your Rhino Shield exterior coating. If your home has aluminum siding, let us show you our legendary customer service firsthand.

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The Summary  About Painting Aluminum Siding

Painting aluminum is a tricky process that’s generally left to painting contractors.  View this instructional page from wikipedia about painting aluminum siding to learn more about what goes into the process.  Rhino Shield of Chicago not only perfects the process, but completely seals and protects the aluminum siding for many years to come.

See pictures of past aluminum siding coating projects below.