Hardi Plank Paint Coating

Fiber cement siding is an amazing choice for a home exterior. To keep it looking spectacular for 25 years or more, choosing the best protection is a must. Select a Hardie board coating that offers maximum durability, breathability, and moisture defense.

Rhino Shield perfects the process of painting and sealing your Hardi Plank exterior properly. Rhino Shield exterior ceramic paint coating completely bonds to and seals Hardi Plank homes and buildings.

The best time to prepare HardiPlank for decades of brilliant shine is when it’s newly installed. Our exterior paint professionals also have extensive experience revitalizing older Hardie board homes. We can transform worn surfaces into stunning exteriors that make you smile.

Why You Should Choose HardiPlank Exterior Paint Professionals

Painting HardiPlank (also called Hardie board) fiber cement siding can be a fairly involved project. Special care must be taken when preparing and painting the surfaces. If the surfaces are prepared, primed, and painted incorrectly, the siding may be damaged and the paint may peel or flake off with time. To learn more about what goes into this painting process, visit here.

Our team delivers the best results for Hardie board restoration:

  • Detailed cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Repairs
  • Caulking and sealing
  • Spray application of the coating

Forget about repainting, repairs, or time-consuming upkeep. Focus on living your life to the maximum instead.

What Benefits You Get from the Best Hardie Board Coating With our Rhino Shield ceramic paint coating, you can take the spectacular benefits of HardiPlank to the next level, giving your home unmatched durability, beauty, and protection:

  • Maximum energy efficiency: Thanks to Rhino Shield’s UV-reflective coating, sunlight bounces off the exterior surface. This lowers your cooling costs in summer significantly.
  • Vibrant color: Enjoy the best fade resistance possible with a state-of-the-art Hardie board coating. The brilliant colors you choose for your home look just as breathtaking 25 years later or more.
  • Total moisture protection: Professionally sealed HardiPlank can stand up to intense storms, and Rhino Shield improves this weather shield even more. Our high-tech ceramic paint coating provides unmatched resistance to mold, mildew, and moisture damage.

Rhino Shield is also unbeatable for salt tolerance and durability. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views every day and keep your home’s exterior maintenance-free.

Why Ceramic Paint Coating is a Smart Investment for HardiPlank Homes

HardiPlank is designed for homeowners who want to minimize time spent on maintenance and maximum incredible moments as a family. That’s exactly the type of home Rhino Shield is perfect for. Protect your investment with the best exterior paint coating possible.

Fill out the “Request an Estimate” form below to find out more about a permanent paint solution for your HardiPlank home or building or call us today at (630) 984-4440.

See pictures of past HardiPlank projects below.